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p.r.n. Para Transit Service Inc.
Pittsburgh area transportation solutions for
elder and disabled

 p.r.n. Para transit was founded on the principle of helping our riders maintain a self sufficient lifestyle. We offer "hands on" “door to door” transportation services to elderly and disabled customers using various specialized methods. Our service is available from 6 am to 12 am, 365 days a year for both local and long distance transportation. The staff at p.r.n. Para Transit Service are trusted “experts” in the field of transportation, committed to providing consumers with innovative solutions. We are a strong dependable community partner.

Our customers count on our reliability, our quality of care, our dedication to consumerrelationships and our efficiency with which we operate.

Car for Hire: An exclusive ride to desired locations that includes “passenger assistance” provided by trained drivers. This is a great alternative to taxi service for consumers who require help getting in and out of the vehicle, guidance from door to door and assistance with bags.

Wheel Chair Service: ADA compliant vans with hydraulic lifts to ensure ease of boarding and three point tie downs that offer secure forward-facing seating for persons who use wheelchairs or scooters. The p.r.n. drivers are trained to proficiency in assisting persons with disabilities. This elite service is available for local as well as long distance locations.

Group Service: Convenient 12 passenger vans operated by professional drivers who will assist elderly passengers to group outings such as luncheons, shopping trips, movies, weddings, etc.

Ambullette Service: The p.r.n. Ambulette crews are trained professionals in assisting passengers overcome household barriers that prohibit them from being able to leave the house. Obstacles such as no ramps, too many stairs, getting down from 2nd or third floor bedrooms or inaccessible driveways can make it impossible for some consumers to ever leave their house. Each ambulette is staffed with a two-man crew who can provide lift assist with a stretcher or a “stair chair”.  In addition, portable oxygen is available on board.

To book services, please call at least one day in advance.

Convenient payment options available.

p.r.n. Para Transit Service